Landscape Design, Boise, ID

We offer all the services needed to make your landscape design a reality.

Sometimes it can be difficult to put into words what you are envisioning for your landscape design. It is okay to turn to a professional for advice on how to create an oasis that will bring your family pleasure and provide a relaxing retreat. At Elitescapes, we help families in the Boise, Idaho area pinpoint what will make them the happiest and then we create the landscape design that accomplishes that and more.

Landscape Design in Boise, Idoha

We offer all the services needed to make your landscape design a reality, including fencing, hardscaping, irrigation, outdoor lighting, and water features. We can work with whatever space you have available or use retaining walls to make a sloping yard more accommodating for seating, a garden waterfall, outdoor water fountains, or something else. We take into consideration your objectives and how you plan to spend your time in your backyard so we can come up with a landscape design that works perfectly.

Whether you have a concrete idea in mind about what you want to achieve or you need our guidance and inspirational ideas to reach a landscape design that will be a space you can relax and connect with nature, you can count on us to come through for you. We have more than two decades of landscaping experience and we are dedicated to achieving 100% satisfaction from each and every customer we work with.

If you have questions about landscape design or would like to schedule a consultation to get started with anything from a small facelift to a full backyard renovation, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.