Water Features, Boise, ID

The installation of water features is one of our areas of expertise.

The sound of trickling or flowing water is relaxing and tranquil. When you think about sitting next to a flowing stream in the mountains or hearing the rush of the waves at the beach, you may start to feel more relaxed just from having those thoughts. Have you ever considered how it would feel to experience those feelings right in your own backyard? Water features are visually appealing and complementary to any space, and the sound of the water flowing through them can create a tranquil atmosphere to enjoy every time you head outdoors.

Water Features in Boise, Idaho

Installing water features is a challenging process, especially since they often require water lines that have to be installed. At Elitescapes, the installation of water features is one of our areas of expertise. We work closely with those in and near Boise, Idaho to provide a range of outdoor services to enhance the properties of our clients. These services include water feature installation and maintenance, as we believe that the addition of a water feature can improve the feel of your property and even boost its value.

Our selection of water features includes calming ponds, breathtaking waterfalls, stacked stone water fountains, and stately brick features. We have a team of experts who can come to your property to assess the available space and make a recommendation of a feature that fits the look and feel while adding the benefits that you want. Contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation, where we can check out your property and answer any questions you might have about water features.


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